He Rolls These Old Plastic Bags Together And Reveals A Smart Kitchen Trick!

Need some hacks to make life a little bit easier? Don’t know where to turn to? Well, no need to switch to another post because we’re here to make life easier for you starting right about now. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading because we’re going to jump right into them!

So, we’re all guilty of playing a bit of Candy Crush and Panda Pop on our phones. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You’re also not alone if you hate when you’re playing these games an ad pops up. At that point, you’re helpless and don’t know what to do when you’re at that crucial stage of the level, and this ad you don’t care for (let’s be honest, you probably REALLY don’t) randomly decides to make an appearance. Right? Fret no more—simply turn your phone on airplane mode the next time you’re binge-playing phone games!

As frustrating as that can be, there may be something equally as disappointing we all face in the summer time (at least once in the season): forgetting the lighter fluid on your way to a picnic. There’s no way to fire up your grill if you don’t have lighter fluid, right? Wrong! You will always have something to help save the day. We all bring potato chips to BBQs and picnics, and we know this because it’s a given. So, next time you can’t get your hands on some lighter fluid, use a handful of potato chips to start your charcoal. This technique will also rid your food of that lighter fluid taste. Genius, right?

BBQs are also the time when we probably eat the most fruit because there’s always that someone who brings a fruit platter from home. Now, if that someone happens to be you, then here’s a tip on how to cut a kiwi (because no fruit salad is complete without a kiwi!). Cut a small piece off the top, slip a spoon into the side all the way to the bottom, and simply spoon out the entire piece of fruit. This trick will ensure you leave all the skin behind without sacrificing large chunks of yummy kiwi!

But this isn’t all! For more tips and tricks, watch the video below! If you found these at all handy, then don’t forget to share them with family and friends!

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