10 Reasons Why Attending Elementary School Sucked

Ah, the joys of childhood: jump-roping, Saturday morning cartoons, and very few responsibilities or worries.

If you come to think about it, the only responsibilities you had were to take out the garbage once a week, return home from the playground by the time the street lights come on, and make sure your homework was complete.

Now homework and school were a different feat—we get it! There was always one thing or another that would stress you out about your grade school life (i.e. bad snacks at recess, a mean supply teacher, or no attendance duty, just to name a few). Although there are so many people who say that the elementary years in school were the best, we’re going to prove them wrong. Here are some of the reasons (which you may have forgotten) that will never make you want to go back to elementary school again!

Here are some of the reasons (which you may have forgotten) that will never make you want to go back to elementary school again!

1. You were a “tattle tale” for doing the right thing.

Whether you were a perfect little angel or a class clown, you could never get it right. Forget to try to stand up for yourself or others because you were automatically a tattle tale, even in the scenarios you deemed appropriate and important to tell the teacher.

You: “Josie gave Hannah a bloody nose and a black eye.”

Ms. Teacher: “Stop being such a tattle tale! If Hannah has a problem, she can come to me and tell me.”

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2. Everyone got punished for one person’s fault.

Those wonderful situations where one person would be talking and the whole class had to stay in during recess. Oh, and if one person made a sound, more recess would be lost.

Thanks, Daniel.

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3. You were teased for being a kid–but you were a kid!

You may only be 7 years old, but it’s time to grow up and pass down your Barbie lunch box and Hello Kitty folders to your little sister because apparently, elementary school is about watching rated-R movies, spitting out drug references, and looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever happened to being a child while you were a child?

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4. Pretty much everything was banned.

Don’t get me wrong, rules are necessary, but some rules in elementary school were just too much. No walking on grass or speed-walking on hard surfaces. No flavored lip balm, snap bracelets, fidget spinners, or open-toed shoes. No toys, unhealthy snacks, or “fun” headbands. Some schools even banned the game of tag because it involves touching. Everything was either “dangerous” or “too distracting.” Might as well be wrapped up in bubble wrap.

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5. They were always stingy with the cafe food.

You have to admit, some hot lunch meals were fit for a four-year-old, but they were so delicious, you had to get them. You may recall walking out of the cafeteria with your stomach still growling. A sliver of frozen pizza with a scoop of corn on the side? Still starving here!

FYI: Active 11-to-12-year-olds going through puberty require about 2,200 to 2,400 calories a day.

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6. If your teacher sucked, you basically flunked all subjects.

If your teacher struggled with social studies or generally was an awful teacher, you were stuck with the same teacher for all or most subjects. Meanwhile, your middle school or high school brothers and sisters had different teachers for different subjects and could ask to switch teachers if their teacher wasn’t suitable for their learning.

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7. Rainy day schedules meant no recess.

Sorry, kids, it’s sprinkling outside which means we have to stay seated in the stuffy classroom, so we don’t get sick. Some students loved rainy days because it meant they got to play Heads Up Seven Up or Hang Man, but if your teacher was lame, you sat silently in the class reading an book or inhumanely continued with school work.

So much for a break.

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8. If you had to “pull a card,” it all went downhill from there.

If you talked while the teacher was talking or ate a Cheeto in the classroom, you were probably asked to pull a card, one of the most humiliating, embarrassing things you had to do in front of your peers. Well, kind of. Pull another card or few, and worse punishments were soon to come.

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9. Your human right of going to the restroom had to be earned.

I’ll kindly excuse my baby bladder until the next recess in two and a half hours because you refuse to let me take a 3-minute trip to the restroom right around the corner. Basically, you want me to stay during your lecture because, you:

A) think I’m going to the restroom to “escape” the classroom or,

B) are too lazy to re-teach me for a few minutes when I return.

True story: I once peed my pants in second grade because my teacher wouldn’t let me go to the restroom. No regrets, karma did the work.

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10. If you weren’t dying, the school nurse sent you back to class.

You: “Nurse, nurse! I blacked out in the classroom, have a splitting headache, and am violently throwing up.”

Nurse: “Did you drink enough water? Did you eat? Hmm, you don’t have a fever. I’d give you a pain reliever, but your parents never gave permission. I’ll give you a cracker and an ice pack and send you back to class.”

Thank you for your medical expertise, or more like not taking me seriously.

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How do upper division classes and a 9 to 5 job sound after reading the list above? Not so bad, I presume? More freedom, fewer rules, and getting to go to the restroom whenever are greatly appreciated.

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