10 Times Artists Made Surreal 3D Paintings All Around The World

Art is something that can sometimes be over a lot of peoples’ heads, especially when it’s abstract. For example, I can look at an abstract painting for as long as I want and admire it’s aesthetics but never understand the point that the artist is trying to get across.

I just don’t see it. Ever. And quite frankly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I used abstract art as an example because it takes so much skill to create and hone those deeper feelings onto a canvas—it’s all skill. And speaking of skill, and another type of artwork that often leaves people confused and asking, “How do they do that?”, is 3D paintings.

I can’t say that I’ve seen 3D paintings in person but when I come across them online, on an art-related forum somewhere, they’re sure to attract my attention. These artists really go above and beyond to showcase their creativity and often times, their work doesn’t go unnoticed. But just in case 3D paintings have gone unnoticed by you, here’s showing you some of the magic artists are able to create with just some color and their open canvas.

1. Edgar Müller

Edgar Müller has been been pursuing his passion for art since the age of 25 and traveled all over Europe to promote his work.

Image source: Technocrazed

2. Eduardo R. Relero

Living in Rosario, Argentina, Eduardo Relero is keen on targeting satire and social criticism through his work.

Image source: Technocrazed

3. Manfred Stader

Manfred Stader started perfecting his street 3D art back in 1980s.

Image source: Technocrazed

4. Marchal Mithouard

Marchal Mithouard, more commonly known as Shaka, is a French artist who commonly makes remarkable 3D art using legs, hands, and faces.

Image source: 9 Bytz

 5. Yang Yongchun

Yang Yongchun is the famous Chinese artist who created the longest running 3D street painting in the world. Found in Nanjing, China, this artwork is called “Rhythms of Youth” and took over 20 days to make.

Image source: Daily Mail

6. Joe Hill

British artist Joe Hill showcased a wall art piece of his in Shanghai in which he transformed the wall and floor into what we see below.

Image source: Hongkiat

7. Joe and Max

They’re 2 3D painters who have gone around the world creating incredible 3D art and working with companies like Google and Disney.

Image source: Cuded

8. Tracy Lee Stum

Tracy Lee Stum is an American artist who has set the Guinness World Record as in one of the best 3D artists of her generation.

Image source: Lucky Compiler

9. Leon Keer

Leon Keer, Peter Westerink, Ruben Poncia and Remko van Schaik made this painting for the famous Stoppelhaene Festival in Raalte.

Image source: Flickr

10. Julian Beever

This painting is Julian Beever’s work in Madrid where the country was celebrating the release of film “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012.

Image source: Bizar Bin

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