10 Easy DIY Tricks To Declutter Your Home Now.

I’m sure that every time you go to clean your home, there’s a thought that comes to mind after you see some cluttered cupboards, or a messy dresser drawer on the bedside.

What’s that question, you may ask? Its, “how can I better organize my everyday living space?”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s said the the messier the home that happier the home. And let’s not forget what they also say: Someone who lives in a messy room/home, is smarter than the average Joe. Now, it may be enticing to have your living space all cluttered, just to prove to mom, dad or anyone else you needs affirmation, that you’re smarter than the average Joe, but come on, don’t you sometimes feel like sweeping everything clean?

If so, then it doesn’t take much to get started. You’ll be surprised to know that you can use all sorts of items right from home to help you organize your home, without having to spend too much (if anything at all!). Don’t believe me? Keep reading to see ways in which you can organize your home without breaking the bank!

1. Use a magazine rack in the kitchen.

Let’s face it, paper magazines are almost pretty much phased out. Right? How many of us still subscribe to physical copies? Not many, I’m sure. And what I’m also pretty definite about is that you have some sort of magazine rack sitting around in your home, from the time that you were an avid collector. So, why not repurpose this item and use it in the kitchen? Store cling wrap and aluminum foil in magazine racks, in your kitchen, so save some drawer space and make things look decluttered!

2. Hang boots with pant hangers.

There’s seriously a way to repurpose everything, and so hangers are no exception. To save some closet space, and if you have some extra space on your clothing rack, trying hanging your winter boots. This way they won’t be scattered all over the floor and they’ll still be easily accessible. Aside from boots, you can also hang your collection of favorite sunnies from a hanger as well.

3. Invest in a magnet rack.

There are multiple purposes to a magnet rack, so they can be used in a variety of places throughout the home. You can use them in the bathroom to easily store, and have access to, all your hygiene tools. You can also use them in the kitchen to store metal utensils. Most people use magnet racks in the kitchen to store their knives.

4. Use a shoe organizer to organize your cleaning supplies.

Shoe sleeves aren’t just for storing shoes. If you’re someone like me, the number of shoes you have probably outnumbered the storage pockets on your shoe organizer, so it’s time to repurpose. Hang the shoe organizer in your garage, basement, or wherever else you store your cleaning supplies and use it for things like toilet cleaners, glass cleaners, and more!

5. Buy an ottoman with storage.

This is the easiest thing to get your hands on these days, and we can’t be happier! It’s so easy to just lift the seat of the modern-day ottoman and store excess goods into the piece of furniture. Just don’t forget where you put that extra pair of shoe liners the next time you need them!

6. Grab a cable organizer.

There’s nothing more irritating than having cables tangled all together, and in your feet, while you’re working away on your desktop in the study. Or, all the tangled ones behind your TV. If there’s something you should invest in, it’s a cable organizer. Trust us when we say, organized, untangled cables, make the area look so much cleaner. And we’re sure you can agree.

7. Place things vertically.

All you may really need for this hack is a hammer and some nails, and maybe a peg board. Bottom line here is to place everything you can vertically, so it doesn’t take up too much room. You can use a peg board in your kitchen to vertically store your utensils, and a plain nail and hammer will do the trick in your garage to store winter shovels and leave rakes across the wall.

8. Use shoe boxes as dividers.

There’s absolutely no point in buying dividers from the department store, when you buy shoes! Once there’s no more need for the shoe box, cut it in half and use it as a divider in your closet or drawer.

9. Use a tension rod to store cleaning products.

If you didn’t quite like the idea of storing these products in your shoe organizer, try adding a rod to your cupboard to store the cleaning products instead.

10. Remove extra throw pillows.

You may love the look and feel of extra pillows on your bed and on the couch, but in reality those add to the cluttered look. Keep the pillows to a minimum so the bed/couch doesn’t look crowded.

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